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Church in Wales

The school is a Church in Wales’s school established by a Trust Deed and maintained by the Local Education Authority. It reflects the Dual System, a partnership between the Church and Central and Local Government, which makes up the maintained System of Education in this country. The school is designated as a Voluntary Controlled School.

The school has links with the Church in Wales at both parish and diocesan level. The Church in Wales has three representatives from the parish on the Board of Governors, comprising the Vicar and two others, one of who is usually a parent who is also a member of the Church.

The Reverend Tegid Roberts, Diocesan Director of Education, is also a non-voting member of the Board of Governors. Annual advisory visits are received by the Bishop's Visi tors. A member of the Bangor churches’ team leads one morning service per week.

The school co-operates with the Parish Church of St. Peter when Christian Festivals are ob served, with some festival celebrations held in the Church. It is also visited regularly by the local clergy and occasionally by the Bishop of Bangor. Suitable and sensitive arrangements can be made for children whose parents do not wish them to participate.

Address: Y Faenol Church in Wales School, Penrhosgarnedd, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 2NN
Phone: 01248 352 162 | E-mail: joanna.thomas@faenol.ysgoliongwynedd.cymru

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